You are enough

Humankind has always been obsessed with measuring everything. Everything needs to have a metric and needs to be calculated to the very last detail. How many promotions did I achieve? How much wealth have I accumulated? How many years will I work before I retire? Human beings are compelled to use these numbers to keep track, maintain status and evaluate progress in life. And the measuring and assessing never really stops. It is pretty much a life enduring process. One that sustains and fuels a human’s desire to make it “big” in this life.

But can one measure life’s most beautiful things – how much love a mother has for her child, how much beauty is in a sunrise, how much excitement children show for simple things that fill them with wonder, how much passion an artist has while he creates his art?

And yet humankind in all his follies counts and counts everything and misses the biggest message of all -that this life is not measuring all the things you can do or achieve , it is about being true to your soul and leading a life with compassion – a compassion for all of God’s creations.

The reality is that no matter how great a person you are in the history of mankind you had at most 100+ years to “count” all the material things you have gathered. But do you really “own” these things? When you leave this earth, what do you take with you?

Whether we realize it everyday or not, we are on a single mass in space, continuously spinning in space, with nothing but space all around us. Literally – we are on the surface of this gigantic object hurling in space around the sun. There is no North, there is no South, there is no time there is nothing from our day to day reality, that lasts forever.

Perhaps we can bring this sense of perception to our everyday life. Maybe in the midst of wreaking ourselves with anxiety about what successes do I need to go after next, stress about why situations don’t turn out the way you want, constantly spinning about what to do next-maybe -just maybe we can lead with love and compassion and say that it is all enough, you have enough and you are enough.

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