You are never not That

How else can it be? 
The infinitude of everything rises from a big reservoir of no-thingness.
The infinite everything is like while light, containing in itself all the colors.
And that itself is the Very Self Nature of it — the infinitude of everything within an endless void. This infinitude is so profound, that it is bliss itself! 
Joys, sorrows, good or bad experiences, they are all after the identification with objective reality. From the point of view of Pure Being, each event (experience) is part of the totality of bliss that is its nature.
If Being was a boiling pot of soup, the soup, bubbles, etc all are bliss. 
Sat – Existence, Chit – Consciousness, Ananda – Bliss. They are mutually intertwined. Because they are the very nature of it. 
If any three “structures” can be gleaned, they are these – Satchidananda.  Sat Chit Ananda is it’s nature. In that, there are only these “experiences” for the I AM.
I AM is the portal between every-thing and no-thing. 
The inter-relatedness of Sat, Chit and Ananda is unspeakable. That’s why the Sages said these are the three distinct aspects of that One Void. Only in Silence can Satchidananda be.  But that is why, I AM is also not it, by itself.
Really, IT, I AM, and Everything are inseparable.
Just like all the senses are inter-related and so is the mind with them. The underlying principle is the “I AM”. The experiencer.
So how to locate the experiencer? It is always there. We are never not That! 
All it requires is a shift of awareness from objects to subject. “Who am I?”, “Who is the eye of the eye, tongue of the tongue, mind of the mind?”
The mind is just a mirror. Just as it reflects “external objects”, when turned back to see the seer (I AM), it will reflect the I AM – Pure Witness, Experiencer et al.  So all we need is constant presence – not even remembrance of the I AM, because I AM never not there! Just be present and let go of the past and future.  There is no sense withdrawal needed, because “who is it that is withdrawing the senses?”
The “I AM” is always present!
So it is not even a remembrance, because memory is in the past. It is an acceptance of our true nature.  For the limited being, faith and love – aka Bhakti is required. To know you are that, and to have enough trust and love in it, that you accept it, without an iota of doubt! Accept IT as the THE reality, and not the objective universe – brahma satyam, jagan mithyā, jīvo brahmaiva nāparāh!
Before acceptance, we are amnesiacs, who have forgotten our true identity. As we awaken, we begin recovering from this amnesia. But little by little, as our true identity comes back to us, we still fight it and doubt it, as our current personality is based on stories we made up, predicated upon limited context. Like the five blind men who assumed the various parts of the elephant as various different things, as they didn’t have the full elephant to feel.
So the recovering amnesiac refuses to let go of these disguises, these “fake” identities, because the limited identities are more familiar still than the True Nature. All he needs to do is “accept”. Acceptance is Bhakti — devotion. It is Faith and Love — surrender. It is Pure Love because faith is inherent in Pure Love.
Form is void and void is form. IT, I AM, and Everything are one and the same!
Poornamadah poornamidam
Poornat poornamudachyate|
Poornasya poornamadaya
Poornam evavashishyate||
Like a holographic image, the parts contain the entire image. How can one then reduce this fullness or even add to it? It is perfect and complete already!
So acceptance is all that is needed. To accept and just be, that is Sahaja samadhi. To be Present. 
There is even no need for knowledge – to know you exist. Just be. Just like the Sun doesn’t need to know it exists…it simply exists and shines, illuminates.
Accept it – Tat Tvam Asi.
Say it – Aham Bramhasmi.
There is no need to be afraid that we will lose our connections, etc etc. There is no need to leave Samsara to just be present…all we have to do is accept the truth and be present! There is no need to seek for the “truth” in far away places. The sage doesn’t go anywhere, but knows about everything. That is because all that matters is already there…it has never not been the sage. 
There are no rituals need…
Breath in – Tat tvam asi.
Breath out – Aham Brahmasmi.

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