Zhan Zhuang – Standing Meditation

Stand in the posture, your feet like tree-trunks.
Tuck your tail, round your back, raise your crown.
Breath into the lower elixir field,
your mind will slow down and finally stop.

At first you count the minutes you can stand.
Eventually, you won’t know how many minutes have passed.
Standing in organic harmony,
time stands still at last.

With each breath, each blink of the eyes.
It becomes apparent, that time is just an illusion.
Let go of the past, let go of the future.
Be here now, and forget all your delusions.

Turn your eyes inward, and see the flame within you.
Turn your ears inward, hear it soundlessly hum.
Who is the eye of the eye?
Who is the ear of the ear?

Turn your sense of smell inward, inhale it’s non-existent aroma.
Turn your sense of taste inward, taste it’s flavorless flavor.
Who is the nose of the nose?
Who is the tongue of the tongue?

Turn your sense of feeling inward, feel it’s untouched caress.
The mind rests, on the periphery of it.
Who is the skin of the skin?
Who is the mind of the mind?

The answer comes back – IT is I.
The mind, it does the biddings of mine.
I am whom the body belongs to.
I will remain as I aways was, after the dissolution of time.

To know this, is to be free.
Let go of the worries, let go of peace.
Let go of love, let go of hate.
Let go of pleasure, let go of pain.

Be here, in the moment.
Let soar, the spirit,
Shine in the light of your being.
There is really no limit.

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